Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best Of 2014

Pimpin's Best of Beer & Beer Relations 2014

Best Cold Beer In A Hot Shower: Loose Leaf - Odell Brewing Company

Why? Served ice cold in a steaming hot shower, drinking this beer is like sitting in an outdoor hot tub while snow is lightly falling on your head, neck and shoulders.

Best Beer To Smuggle Into The Movie Theater: Organic Chocolate Stout - Samuel Smith's

Why? Low carbonation means no loud Kssss when you open this guy. Comes in a large enough bottle to get a buzz off of, but not too large to hide in a small bag or large coat. Actually tastes like chocolate, verses most chocolate stouts that just taste like dark beer/coffee with chocolate aromas. Plus it doesn't smell bad to non-beer drinkers in the theater. 
This is an important category...some movies require beer.

Strangest Ingredients That Work: Brewfist Spaghetti Western - Prairie Artisan Ales

Why? It's an imperial stout brewed with coffee, cocoa nibs, and actual spaghetti.  Its delicious with or without dinner.  Think spaghetti noodle flavor, no marinara sauce included. 

Best Holiday Cheers: He'Brew Reunion A Beer for Hope 2014 - Shmaltz Brewing & Terrapin Beer Co.

Why? Cinnamon, cocoa nibs, coffee, & coconut. This is the festive dessert god of beers. 

Best Bowl Of Ramen Side-Piece: Kaedama Ale - Brooklyn Brewery 

Why? They teamed up with the best ramen restaurant in New York City, Ippudo, to make a special brew specifically crafted to be paired with a bowl of ramen. 

Best Lick The Empty Bottle To Savor The Flavor: Vanilla Porter - Breckenridge

Why? Too many vanilla beers don't have much vanilla flavor, this one is perfectly balanced and the vanilla really pops. 

Best Beer on Tap 
Pimpin's Pick: Tie Lost Souls - Parallel 49 (Chocolate Pumpkin) & Killer Red - Double Mountain
Readers Poll: Kama Citra - Elysian 

Best Beer in a Bottle 
Pimpin's Pick: Green Peppercorn Tripel - Brewer's Art 
Readers Poll: Sculpin - Ballast Point (Edged out Total Domination - Ninkasi)

Best Microbrew 
Pimpin's Pick: 150 Hippies - Good Life 
Readers Poll: Outcast - Crux

Best Bar 
Pimpin's Pick:  Common Ground - New York City 
Readers Poll: Horse Brass - Portland, Oregon

Best Import 
Pimpin's Pick:  Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale - Kinchi Brewery - Japan
Readers Poll: Steinlager - New Zealand

Best Brewery 
Pimpin's Pick: New Belgium (Not our favorite beers, but they are incredibly eco-friendly, innovative, they have a solid collection of classics like Fat Tire & 1554 as well as very creative new additions like salted dark belgium chocolate & Coconut Curry, and they know how to have fun at their brewery with gigantic outdoor slalom style shuffle board and free funky post cards they ship for free.
Readers Poll: Elysian - Seattle, Washington 

Everything is subjective, we'd love to hear about your favorites of the year as well, so please post them here in the comments below.