Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pimpin' Life Hack #3

Keeping it cool and awesome like the Russians.  Some of these hacks are great, some of them are kinda frat boy like and I wouldn't recommend them with good beer. Like the ice cube trick for example, I wouldn't ever waste a quality beer to make ice cubes from it nor would I use PBR ice cubes in my Heady Topper. The outcome would like be worse than regular ice even.

Regardless of their hacks having a few flaws, some of them can be really useful in a pinch. I could see myself using the bag-lined box trick to save space on a road trip. Honestly I just find it really entertaining listening to the dude with his Russian accent say how awesome everything is.



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  3. Ah our first spam comment to Pimpin Ain't Yeasty! Maybe i'll leave it up, shows we're getting more popular. That and we recently hit 60k viewers!