Thursday, March 31, 2016

March's Top 10

 If my months are competing for best beer tastings of the year, March is going to be the team to beat. Just look at the line-up I had the pleasure of devouring this past thirty-one days:

10. Gal Friday - LIC beer project (NY)  - This American Wild Ale is a truly gulpable sour. How is it so tart yet so refreshing? The secret must be hiding in Long Island City.

9. Pineapple Sculpin - Ballast Point (CA) - So much better than I had anticipated. If you've tried their Watermelon Dorado I bet you were ready to start comparing them to Budlight Lime. This Pineapple is a win though. It's not overpoweringly fruity and the pineapple tastes like real pineapple, just like the shnozzberries.

8. Gimme Somoa That - Rushing Duck (NY) Yes, just like the girl scout cookies and they did a fantastic job of emulating the flavor in Brown Ale form.

7. JAWN - Neshaminy (PA) Chalk full of juice just like Half Acre Daisy Cutter or Singlecut Bon. This could become a go-to Pale Ale for me.

6. Make It Rain - Barrier & Other Half (NY) Barrier is one of the most underrated breweries in the country right now; and Other Half is one of the most talked about. What a killer American IPA collab combining Hop Showers with Money. If you haven't tried any of the three you have some beer trading to do ASAP Rocky.

5. Honey Oat Gose - Kent Falls (CT) This is the first Honey Oat Gose I've wrapped my lips upon and it was ravishing. The style combination confused my brain, I was expecting a train-wreck, but it ended up being boarder-line perfection.

4. Lunch - Maine (ME) I was late to Lunch but I'm glad I finally made it. Three exceptional IPAs made this month's list and this one being the most hyped, lived up to its reputation.

3. Sunday Mourning Stout - Weyerbacher (PA) There is a reason everyone is talking about this breakfast stout.  I will say I was already a big fan of Weyerbacher for their Blithering Idiot barley wine. To many people SMS is their their best work yet. So much coffee, is there such a thing as an Irish Espresso?

2.. Grape Swisher - Carton (NJ) The mad scientist brewers at Carton have done it again. This Rauchbier is based off the flavors of a grape blunt wrap. Its one of the most unique beers I've ever had. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing this brew, but I think one 8oz pour is enough for one life-time.

1. Animal - Greenpoint Beerworks (NY) I wouldn't mind one bit if Greenpoint Beerworks never reaches the popularity levels of Other Half or Threes. I hate waiting in lines for releases and I can't stand not being able to get a seat at a bar. That's right, I can't stand standing... This Farmhouse ale is quite musky, with tart blueberry and pineapple notes. What makes it really special is how silky smooth and drinkable it is for such a funk festival.

What were the best beers you tried this past month?

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