Saturday, July 16, 2016

June's 6 Best Craft Beers Crushed

Camping season is here and you know what they say "camping without beer is just sitting in the woods." Below are the six best craft beers I crushed this June.

6. Rogue - Cold Brew IPA

Coffee cara-beaners rejoice, Rogue has got you. They teamed up with famed Portland, Oregon coffee roasters Stumptown to create the perfect summer time hoppy-coffee combination.

5. Block 15 - Anthem of the Sun

I like my women like I like my sours, tart as fuck. Anthem of the sun is a little mellower for a sour than I normally prefer, but its mellowness adds to its summer time thirst-quench-abilty.

4. 10 Barrel - Cucumber Crush

A lot of beer nerds have been shit-talking 10 Barrel's Cucumber Crush.  I know this because I'm a nerd too, so I know what nerds do. Also I frequent many beer forums.  Let me just say I will proudly stand up for this one.  I found it to be delicious and unique.  It's a great option to include when buying beer for a BBQ where not everyone there is a beer lover.

3. Aslan - Dawn Patrol

The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe must have all had a hand in this lovely beverage.  As far as I can remember this is the first time I've ever tried a Pacific Ale style brew.  It finishes cleaner than a lion's mane, and you know they clean themselves like all day, every day. The king of the jungle has to look his best you know.

2. Pfriem - Wit

Find me another 'best of' list that features a wit?! No seriously, if you happen to see one please post a link in the comment section below, I'd love to check it out.  Best American wit I've ever had, hands down.

1. Belching Beaver - Peanut Butter Milk Stout

A milk stout is your pick for best beer in June?! Why yes self, it is. First of all, drink what you like, when, where, and how you like it. Second of all its always peanut butter season on my calendar!  This one might even top Sweet Baby Jesus... Its less filtered than S.B.J. if cloudiness bothers you I would shy away from this Belching Beaver. Personally I need to do a side-by-side comparison before I officially choose a favorite, but dam (not spelled wrong, we're talkin' beavers) this is a killer milk stout!


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